UCCF 2/26/15: More Concerts

By John Bury | March 1, 2015

2015-158: Authorizing the County Manager to award a contract to This Is It! Productions, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey, to provide the planning, production and management services for the 2015 Union County Summer Arts Festival in the amount not to exceed $95,600.

Agenda meeting:

Freeholder meeting question:

And a mini-concert from this meeting:

Since 2004 through July, 2014 Union County taxpayers have paid $44,300 for the UC St. Patrick’s Day parade and  $3,192,408  to This Is It! Productions.

UCCF 2/26/15: Mirabella Conflict

By John Bury | February 27, 2015

During the January 4, 2015 reorganization meeting a question was raised (out of camera range) about freeholder Al Mirabella being able to serve as business administrator in Scotch Plains while remaining on the Union County freeholder board:

That question was revisited during (and after) the last freeholder meeting:

UCCF 2/25/15: Why Rahway Stadium

By John Bury | February 27, 2015

In open comment time questions about the need for a Stadiumm in Rahway Park and an answer was provided, though not by the freeholder board:

UCCF 2/26/15: Linda Stender Mentions

By John Bury | February 27, 2015

It is now being reported that Linda Stender will not seek reelection to her Assembly seat but is hoping to keep her $90,000 Union County Improvement Authority job.

There were four mentions of Linda Stender tonight at the freeholder meeting and they pretty much covered all the bases:




Stender Deal

By John Bury | February 25, 2015

Politickernj.com this afternoon posted a sensational story that revealed the sordid machinations behind Union County politics but most of you are so inured to the stench that you may have missed how utterly perverted democracy has become here.

The story was about Linda Stender being replaced by Jim Kennedy (though that was refuted later by mycnetraljersey.com) but that’s just one ineffective political operative replacing another and hardly worth a mention.  The real scandal is this claim reported by politicker:

A deal has been made that allows Stender to keep her $90,000-a-year job as deputy director and project manager at the Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA).

“[The UCIA] would get sued, and they would lose,” the source said. “She gets to keep her job, at least for now.”

This essentially admits that Linda Stender has a make-work job at the UCIA but what crosses the line is that a deal would have been made.  According to their website there was no special meeting of the UCIA board whose last action was on February 4, 2015 when, through resolution 26-2015, they approved the hiring of Linda Stender.  Was the UCIA board involved in this new ‘deal’ or are they a bunch of hacks who do what they are told in the hopes of getting personal benefit for their blind acquiescence?

For those who want another Stender clip here is one of her complaining about Sandy money not being doled out fast enough to organizations that would that could funnel that money to her to build her dream house:


Stender Now Fair Game

By John Bury | February 24, 2015

Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-Union), Stender’s district mate and the chairman of the Union County Democratic Committee, said Monday that

“so far everything that I’ve talked about and heard about has been basically her husband. And so far, he’s not an elected official… So at this point, it’s all about Mr. Stender, not Assemblywoman Stender. But the day she’s drawn into it, then she’s fair game.”

So what does the architect have to say?

In a brief phone interview, architect Michael De Biasse confirmed that he designed the proposed house, plans for which are filed with the Manasquan construction office.
Although De Biasse declined to answer detailed questions, he confirmed that Linda Stender consulted with him, in addition to her husband, who he primarily talked to.
“I dealt with both of them. But I dealt with Richard a lot,” he said.

Hopefully the State Attorney General’s office will now be dealing with both of them.  But dealing with Linda a lot.

Chasing More Stender Dirt

By John Bury | February 24, 2015

There apparently is now a state investigation and $11,000 to be repaid and MY9 is still chasing and coming up with Linda Stender intimidating the Habitat for Humanity folks and ratting out her husband to Jerry Green who drops the hint about resignation:

Neil Cohen, Joe Cryan, and now Linda Stender. Are there any depths of depravity to which our elected representatives in this county will not sink to embarrass their constituents?

. Continue reading “Chasing More Stender Dirt”

Lining Up for Stender’s Seat

By John Bury | February 23, 2015

Speculation as to who will habitate Linda Stender’s assembly seat has begun.  What do you think?

Quite a few responses including these 11 ‘Others’:
Armando Sanchez
bozo the clown
richard stender
she survives
anyone who is not a typical politician
Lesniak’s beard
any of the 3 STOOGES
Osama Bin Laden
B.S. Artist
Lewellen Jones

There also apparently is a state investigation and $11,000 to be repaid and some more conjectures at Plainfield Today.

Colleen Mahr is the clear favorite but number 2 might surprise you though it’s not Seb D’Elia who is currently tied with Bozo the Clown (probably not the first poll that’s occurred in).

Chasing Stenders

By John Bury | February 22, 2015

The good people at My9 kept on the Habitat Hustle story with more information and even an appearance by Richard Stender:

Retirees From Union County Municipalities

By John Bury | February 22, 2015

Updated detail on retirees in the New Jersey public pension system was just released and you can find data on all retirees here but for only those who worked last for towns in Union County this file with multiple spreadsheets shows 12,782 retirees getting an average pension of $33,302 per year.

This is not exhaustive since excluded are retirees who worked multiple jobs (for example former Finance Head Lawrence Caroselli worked for Union County and Linden simultaneously so when he retired as of May 1, 2011 on $87,275 per year his category was ‘multiple’) or who worked for a town in Union County but took another NJ government job out of the county after.

The spreadsheet is broken down into tabs sorting retirees by:

a) municipality and name

b) summary of total payouts and retirees by towns with the highest average annual pension ($37,067) going to retirees in Union Township.  Lowest average annual pensions (and the only ones under $30,000) are in Winfield ($26,724), Mountainside ($27,132) and Garwood ($27,415).

c) amount of pension – highest being Joseph Martino of the Linden Board of Education who retired January 1, 2009 and now gets $150,909 per year

d) retirement date: earliest retiree is the beneficiary of Frank J. Nelson of Elizabeth receiving a pension, now at $13,392 per year, for 62 years