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Generatorgate – An exciting opportunity to shine a light on our corrupted system of law and order

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

The Union County Prosecutor’s office is “looking into” allegations that county employees took home generators during the Hurricane Sandy emergency. According to an announcement made at a freeholder meeting his response should be due in the coming week.

The Prosecutor isn’t conducting an “investigation” because I am told that the investigator is opening his interviews by telling the potential witnesses “There is nothing criminal here, we are only looking into this because Tina Renna put it on her blog.”

 “The misuse of generators by public employees during a time when the public is suffering is offensive and unacceptable,” Freeholder Chairman Al Mirabella said in a canned statement.

I find the Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow’s tenure to be offensive and unacceptable. From statements reported in the press, and made during freeholder meetings, and other feedback, I’m expecting Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow to produce another flim-flam report of what occurred while we were dealing with super storm Sandy, that will perhaps name as little as two employees. He will then wash his hands of it and hand these employees over to the county manager to discipline as he wishes.

I will submit to the State Attorney General’s office that there is more at stake here than misuse of county property. It is an opportunity to shine a light on our corrupted system of law and order. This doesn’t involve just the prosecutor protecting high-level connected employees, this involves high ranking county police officers as well as Sheriff officers.

I believe federal emergency monies may have been involved, and this has been reported to the F.B.I.

I’m prepared to give a list of names of employees who took generators home, as well as a list of witnesses to the State if our corruption busting former U.S. Attorney turned governor Christopher Chrisie is willing to take a stand against this local political corruption. No one should be above the law. And this case is to outrageous to ignore for many reasons.

As many as 16 names have been revealed to me by different sources. People are talking, it shouldn’t be hard for a County Prosecutor to conduct a full investigation, even if it started out as a “looking into” project, it should be quite obvious that more is at stake here. I expect it would be very easy for a State Investigation into any falsehoods the prosecutor produces or information he chooses to leave out. Romankow might be ready to retire, but he isn’t personally conducting this “looking into” investigation.

Prosecutor Romankow’s exit is long overdue. First there was his sham investigation of Musicfest involving Sen. Ray Lesniak’s nephew, followed up almost immediately by a sham county police investigation involving Freeholder Debra Scanlon’s son and missing chainsaws. Not only is the chainsaw investigation allowed to drag on for about a year now, the same police involved with conducting that investigation are involved with taking generators for personal use.

Also consider that at least 16 generators, worth tens of thousands of dollars, were just lying around the county not being put to public use. More than just generators were taken. There were heaters and gas cans, etc. And some lucky employees even had at home delivery service of generators provided by the county!

Although it is against their official policies, Union County employees are allowed to “borrow” tools, I’ve been told. With no check out and check in system in place.

How many millions in useless equipment do the taxpayers own? I’ve asked this repeatedly at freeholder meetings and never get an answer.

If all that isn’t enough to get the Governor’s boxers in a knot, consider the combined salaries of the employees reported to me so far, and more names are on the way:

Did you have the extra cash on hand, and were you lucky enough to be able to find a generator to purchase to keep your family in some comfort or perhaps keep your business running?  

Wrap your minds around these salaries, they are rounded off (not including Cadillac heath benefits and pensions) and consider if they should be able to afford to buy their own generators on the generous salaries you provide them with and if they should get away with taking your taxpayer property home for their personal use and comfort because they are connected: