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Soft Corruption: DeCotiis Chapter

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

One of the remaining enjoyable aspects of the Enrolled Actuaries conference I attend in Washington, DC at this very inconvenient time of year is the shopping for specialty gifts that do not seem to be available in New Jersey. ¬†On Sundays it’s the Spy Museum gift shop and tonight it was the Politics and Prose Bookstore where I picked up:

  1. Airforkone,
  2. Chill, Baby False Teether,
  3. Lilypad Silicone Lid, and
  4. Soft Corruption by William E. Schluter

That last item you would think could be found closer to home since the blurb reads:

New Jersey has long been a breeding ground for political corruption, and most of it is perfectly legal. Public officials accept favors from lobbyists, give paid positions to relatives, and rig the electoral process to favor their cronies in a system where campaign money is used to influence government action. Such unethical behavior is known as “soft corruption,” and former New Jersey legislator William E. Schluter has been fighting it for the past fifty years.

Pages 40 through 43 is all about DeCotiis: