Which Union County Freeholder Cashed In Today As a New Township Manager?

By John Bury | January 1, 2015

Scotch Plains turned Democrat today and a sitting Union County freeholder was sworn in a few hours ago as their new township manager…….



According to the nj.com story the caption for this picture was:

Al Mirabella is appointed as the township manager. Scotch Plains municipal council holds its reorganization meeting after an election that saw two Republican incumbents ousted by two Democratic challengers, Rose Checchio and John Del Sordi Jr., switching the council over to a Democratic majority from a Republican one. Thursday, January, 1, 2015

According to his financial disclosure form Freeholder Mirabella is employed (as is his wife) by Chubb & Son.

According to the Scotch Plains website their township manager yesterday was Jerry Giaimis at a salary of $50,000 who is a participant in the Public Employees’ Retirement System as is Al Mirabella on account of his $29,500 freeholder job.

6 Responses to “Which Union County Freeholder Cashed In Today As a New Township Manager?”

  1. Elsba says:

    Is he retiring from Chubb?

  2. BF says:

    Some updates:
    – It was confirmed today in an interview on tapinto.net that he has left Chubb but will not be leaving his freeholder position.
    – The reorg meeting was interesting. Hudak and Bergan were sitting in the audience, as was Hillside council president Donald DeAugustine. (Reason for the latter is that new councilman John Del Sordi is NJ Director & VP of Eastern Millwrights Local 715 and DeAugustine is Financial Secretary of same.)
    – Former SP mayor and Union County Alliance chairman Mauro Checchio was also there.
    – DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick & Cole was appointed labor counsel for Scotch Plains.
    – Stender had a family commitment but sent a message via SP Dem party head Lou Beckerman, whose risk management firm will likely get a contract despite their bid being twice the price of a competing one.
    – Word around town is Mayor Glover, who’s up for reelection in 2 years, is angling for a freeholder position. He would fit right in.

  3. BF says:

    One clarification to your post: per a Patch article on 6/27/2013, Giamis’ salary was $120,000 a year. He started mid-way through 2013.

  4. ThinkVision says:

    Al quit Chubb a few months ago. Rumor is that due to his political career as a Democrat, he could not be party to what is about to go down there. Let’s just say Chubb is about to bring a big smile to the collective faces of the Koch brothers, Sean Hannity and Andrew Breitbart’s ghost.

  5. bpaterson says:

    thinkvision, doubt what you say, my contacts in Chubb don’t confirm your claim. But I just heard, Mirabella may have been laid off due to he missed too much time from all the daytime photo-ops as freeholder, but cant confirm that either. IT in a major corporation is a fulltime demanding job, can’t just disappear for 3/4 of a day. Now as SP BA he doesn’t even have to show up at all in his new BA job when the FH photo ops come. he can now do every photo-op necessary. And SP taxpayers foot the bill; they should be outraged.

  6. Brian P Keane says:

    Alex Mirabella will have nothing to worry about if (D)Hillary Roddam Clinton gets elected in 2016.