More on Mirabella in Scotch Plains

By John Bury | January 3, 2015

Excerpts from an interview with TapintoScotchPlainsFanwood yesterday with my translation:

Mirabella, who will also retain his position as a Union County Freeholder, gave his first interview as Township Manager to TAP into SPF as he began setting his office

Why did you apply for the job?

I felt that I could do a good job for the people of this community and make a difference. What has been lacking is stability in the position. I hope to be at this job for a while, to work hard at it in a bipartisan way, and to move this community forward.

Until such time as it’s the Republicans who win by 20 votes to gain the majority.

How will you have time to handle the Township Manager position along with your other responsibilities?

I left Chubb Insurance at the end of last year. It was a great run there. In fact, I was hired there right out of college. Most Freeholders have a full time position. Being a Freeholder is a part-time job, but it has full-time responsibilities.

Such full-time responsibilities being delegated to DeCotiis or county staff who stumble into fiascoes like the Solar Panel silliness, the Runnells sale, and golf privatization which wind up benefiting everyone but the taxpayers because these freeholders have no inclination to research the suggestions they are rubber-stamping.

Have you ever managed a $24m budget before?

In the private sector, my departments had budgets between $1 – $2 million. However, in County government, the budget is in excess of $500 million, and I had served as the finance chair for the Freeholders.  I’m used to dealing with multi-million dollar budgets.

How the current freeholder board ‘deals with’ multi-million dollar budgets is by rubber-stamping them and, when necessary, stealing from the Open-Space trust fund to balance them. 

Do you expect to last longer in the job than the previous four Township Managers?

I certainly plan on being here for a while. Stability is important in this position, and Scotch Plains has not had that for a while. I can promise that I will work hard, in a bipartisan way, to get things done for the good of the community. That’s what people want.

Until such time as it’s the Republicans who win by 20 votes to gain the majority which, hopefully for him, will be after he has put in the three years to inflate that base salary upon which his pension, with all that freeholder service, will be based.

2 Responses to “More on Mirabella in Scotch Plains”

  1. Patrick Moschetti says:

    The pension calculations for people like Mirabella are mind boggling. It fits into the definitions of the current system which always for service years at low pay to boost final pension after the person works just three years at a much higher salary. These abusive exceptions to a thirty year service employee with steady income make the pension a farce that politicians TAKE ADVANTAGE of and should be eliminated immediately. Taxpayers need to speak up loud and clear.

  2. javagold says:

    The criminals are winning….. please let us know when you finally have had enough….your way of watching is not working !