UCIA Raises and Cost Debacles

By John Bury | January 11, 2017

The Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) held their first meeting of the year last week and the first order of business:

110-2016: raises:


Followed by a shift of money from the Union County Utilities Authority (UCUA) to help defray costs of the solar panel bust and various UCIA project overruns:



112-2016: Cost debacles ongoing:


113-2016: Cost debacles to come:



One Response to “UCIA Raises and Cost Debacles”

  1. readslikeamofiabook says:

    3% raises? Why is the UCIA being so measly with themselves, even though none of them are even qualified for their positions imo? Linda Stender … isn’t she the one whose husband allegedly tried to rip off Coastal Habitat for Humanity?

    Anyway, now would be the perfect time for all of them to inflate their already over-inflated salaries by 100%. No one is paying attention these days while accusing Trump of being Hitler, Jeff Sessions as a KKK sympathizer by T-bone’s friend, Cory Booker (meanwhile the true KKK klansman, deceased Robert Byrd, Democrat Senator, received kudos from democrats). Oh fuck, I can’t even anymore.

    If democrats didn’t have AMORALS, they would have none.