Lesniak’s Laser Focus

By John Bury | February 13, 2017

Unfortunately the rest of the interview had no focus on these issues and the context of that statement was in bashing the Elizabeth Board of Education:

3 Responses to “Lesniak’s Laser Focus”

  1. steve says:

    The Lesniak interview- almost choked on my breakfast–the master of play to pay is now worried about the tax payers and over-sight,or may-be his legacy ?–great ideas but little to no trust.

  2. Maria says:

    Lesniak wants accountability and oversight to what is convenient for him. Truth of the matter is he doesn’t want that at the board of education in elizabeth judging from his PAC donations to them. His friends need to work (varady, fader, mandelbaum, afonso, etc) he claims to have saved 6 million in legal fees ask how many got newly created jobs and contributed to campaign coffers? If he wants regular citizens he shouldn’t have backed those that ran for board of ed by numerous robo calls and showing his support for a non partiSan election. What a clown.

  3. bpaterson says:

    lesniak and cryan-a disease on good govt.