Resolution on Mountain Biking in Watchung Reservation

By John Bury | April 13, 2017

I don’t know if tonight we will again see 37 speakers on mountain biking at Watchung Reservation as the issue seems to have been resolved – per Res 2017-329 set to be approved at tonight’s freeholder meeting:


4 Responses to “Resolution on Mountain Biking in Watchung Reservation”

  1. Marybeth Garry says:

    KEEP WATCHUNG WILD! Alll of you county watchers that realize mountain biking in the reservation will be bad…but fear for your job security if you speak out…. I get it….but…implore your friends, relatives…any bodies to come to the freeholder meeting tonight! Be there for six because to show support to pass Chairman Bergens resolution to remove this mountain bike course from the trails master plan. If attending doesn’t work for you, please have your friends, facebook friends, any county voters to click on the link below and simply write “protect the Reservation! No mountain bikes!”The link is.


  2. Marybeth Garry says:

    Freeholder meeting cancelled due to water main break. When it is rescheduled, it will be posted on their website. Thanks for your support fellow Watchung Reservation protectors

  3. bpaterson says:

    i understand the freeholder meeting is definitely cancelled for tonite thurs 4/13–(this is not a joke) tell others also.

  4. Michelle cunha says:

    Mountain biking will be bad?! Please explain why? If the teails have been neglected thus far that is something to look into and get revolved but as far as why is would be bad click the like and get informed! :) ttps://