Salary and Pension Update

By John Bury | May 9, 2017

The state has updated their listing of people in the state pension system for both active participants as of 12/31/16 and retired participants as of 3/31/17 and you may be interested in seeing those related to Union County.

This spreadsheet has all 2,829 employees sorted by Employer and Name. Here are the top-paid from that list:


This spreadsheet has all 2,642 retirees sorted by Last Employer and Name. Here are the largest annual pensions from that list:


And here is a list of the most recent retirees:


3 Responses to “Salary and Pension Update”

  1. steve says:

    One of their major platforms is economic disparity –seems to me an over view of these lists—they do not practice what they preach–people going out at 157 grand-vs 14 or less–I did not want to mention dems because some one in unidentified mode snaps back–lets just leave at “dem people”

  2. steve says:

    Unrelated news- the sheriffs relation has now picked up the editorial rights to TAPinto internet news service-for union twnship

  3. readslikeamofiabook says:

    Pension padding,… nothing surprising. Dems are excellent at that in Union County.