Freeholder’s Wife Reportedly Hired by County

By Scotch Plains | May 17, 2017

Sources inside the County inform us that Phyllis Mirabella, wife of current Freeholder Al Mirabella, has been hired as a Purchasing Manager for Union County College. Her husband already draws two salaries on the taxpayer dime, as a freeholder and as Town Manager of Scotch Plains. Although her exact salary has not yet been disclosed, between their three taxpayer-funded incomes the couple will likely be making in the neighborhood of a quarter million dollars a year.

Mrs. Mirabella’s linkedin profile shows no previous purchasing work experience or QPA certification, which is similar to the lack of experience her husband had in municipal management before his hiring by Scotch Plains’ fomer mayor Kevin Glove in 2015 after supposedly losing his private sector job. This was seen as a move to put Al Mirabella in a position to retire with the pension of a full-time employee while actually only serving the minimum three years as a full-timer to maximize his benefits. This hiring decision, coupled with a secret 4% pay raise given to him by Glover in 2016 without the knowledge of the rest of the Town Council, contributed to Glover’s brutal defeat in last year’s election and the tarring of the local Democratic Committee as an appendage of the County. Since Scotch Plains seems to cycle through Town Managers every couple of years, his wife’s hiring could be seen as an insurance policy protecting the couple should the Town Manager role open up again due to a change in leadership.

Al Mirabella was last spotted in the middle of the day this Tuesday at the ribbon-cutting for the refurbished Warinanco Sports Center, appearing in the role of freeholder. Since it is 30 minutes each way from Scotch Plains to Warinanco, we assume he took a long lunch from his Town Manager role.


2 Responses to “Freeholder’s Wife Reportedly Hired by County”

  1. bpaterson says:

    souieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….why cant it go to an unemployed person from the private sector with tru purchasing expereince who needs it instead of another public politically connected sow with no experience. All she did was work at a local insurance agency selling house and car insurance. I noted last year how president mcminiman of UCC, who hired her, is just a high paid failure of a hack, with no great leadership, which articles and input from the UCC professors dictating such, same as farahi the fraud president over at Kean college. As TR says, you can’t make this stuff up when it comes to corruption and self serving in union county controlled entities. We have no govt in union county, or at least no govt with integrity.

  2. readslikeamofiabook says:

    As good as any time to slip this pension-padding, under-qualified, over-paid hack, undeserved job while the rest of the media focuses on NOTHING, also known as CDS AND TDS.

    Union County … democrats connected to YOUR WALLETS.

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