Watchung Mountain Biking Resolution Back On Agenda

By John Bury | May 18, 2017

It was on before but was pulled before the vote. Tonight, it’s back on (as of now):

2017-412: Amending Resolution 2016-166, which approved the Watchung Reservation Trails Master Plan, to reflect this Board’s disapproval of those portions of the Watchung Reservation Trails Master Plan recommending and providing for mountain biking in the Watchung Reservation.
According to the story there is also some suspense:

On the draft agenda for the meeting is a resolution stating that the freeholders disapprove of the inclusion of a mountain bike trail in the master plan for the reservation. The resolution is proposed by Freeholder Chairman Bruce Bergen and freeholders Linda Carter and Bette Jean Kowalski.

Bergen, when asked this week about the resolution, declined to say how he will vote.

“We will listen to the public,” he said, explaining that freeholders expect people on both sides of the issue to make statements before the board votes. “It’s inappropriate to discuss my view in advance,” he said.

In my ten years of monitoring these meetings I do not remember a resolution that made the regular meeting agenda ever being voted down with 99% approved unanimously. The general public can vent but as to being listened to – that’s not on the agenda in Union County.


One Response to “Watchung Mountain Biking Resolution Back On Agenda”

  1. bpaterson says:

    as we all know the freeholders are disingenuous at best and duplicitous at worst. The only one who occasionally votes no in the last 5 years is Freeholder estrada. But when any freeholder is asked publicly about the motivation of their vote, they dont divulge. In fact conflicts of interest illegal votes is the norm as double dip FH/scoth plains town manager Mirabella’s votes can attest. Plus in 2011 when the freeholders voted the largess of health benefits for life for certain employees of which some freeholder relatives would partake is another egregious conflict and failure of counsel barry to warn them to abstain.

    Counsel Barry is actually the true idiot here, making $165,000 year as freeholder attorney and saying nothing to the conflicts of interest, his pay to buy his silence to the county corruption while fostering the law firms getting contracts from the freeholders to donate to the freeholder campaigns. Its really time to get him disbarred, maybe even jailed for illegal acts against the public’s interests. County govt is not a govt but a self serving illegal entity that needs to be re-organized or disposed of. Start by voting for the opposition in the primary if there is any, and then the opposition in the general.

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