Shining a Light

By John Bury | August 1, 2010

The UCIA has undertaken many projects that have made a lot of money for a lot of people so why not try to bond $45 million to put solar panels around Union County?

Because it’s a bad idea.  Cranford and Berkeley Heights aren’t interested but that’s not slowing down the county.  At the last freeholder meeting they passed resolution 2010-693:

authorizing the County of Union to participate in the Union County Improvement Authority’s Series 2010 Renewable Energy Program and authorizing such Union County Improvement Authority to apply to the Local Finance Board for the necessary consents and approvals on behalf of the County of Union.

This appears to be an admission that they can’t find enough suckers among the municipalities to take the solar panels so the county will stick them on as many buildings with southern exposure as they control to use up that $45 million.

Yesterday I made my case under the glare of the general counsel to the UCIA who said I was “very, very wrong”.  Check out the video and add your thoughts.