Disgraceful government intimidation will not be tolerated

By Tina Renna | February 22, 2012

The following letter was sent to my representatives in the State Legislature today.

I write to request your assistance in understanding why the Office of Criminal Investigation sent two agents to my home requesting information about the Union County Watchdog Association’s non-profit status. I suspect that dispatching the special agents to address an anonymous complaint regarding an entirely administrative question was a clear effort to intimidate me from continuing my activities as a leader of the UCWA.

Had the agents or their supervisors bothered to research the false allegation that the UCWA was not registered with the State of New Jersey and allowed to lawfully solicit charitable donations, they would have discovered that the UCWA was indeed properly registered. Had they sent a letter, an email, or made a phone call prior to making their trip to my home unannounced the matter could have been readily resolved.

Imagine my astonishment when two Special Agents from the Office of Criminal Investigation arrived at my doorstep on the morning of January 11, 2012 to investigate the UCWA. Can it be that the choice to send state agents to address such a minor matter is commonplace in a state struggling to balance its budget?

As your constituent I hope and expect that you will help me put an end to the intimidation of individuals who are trying to participate in their government and taking a stand against government waste, corruption and incompetence in New Jersey. And if I am incorrect in my assumption that this is not the normal way to deal with such a minor administrative matter, certainly there must be a more efficient way for the Office of Criminal Investigation to deploy resources.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information that you may require. I look forward to your anticipated prompt response to my concerns and questions.

Respectfully submitted,

Tina Renna
Union County Watchdog Association, Inc.

Our Mission
The Union County Watchdog Association, Inc. is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization working on behalf of residents and taxpayers to monitor Union County government and advocate for the elimination of waste, corruption and incompetence. We believe that good government can only be achieved through a system of checks and balance – a system that includes the watchful eye of the people.

21 Responses to “Disgraceful government intimidation will not be tolerated”

  1. Javagold says:

    get those 2 fired !!….the people of Union County better have your back, otherwise , they are a disgrace

  2. whtdiduexpect says:

    I only wish they were as aggressive with the freeloaders as they are with you . And maybe just maybe things would be better around union county

  3. bpaterson says:

    Tina, this is a GOOD thing! Lisa is keeping us on our toes.

  4. Mark Boehme says:

    Tina, you are completely correct. This matter could have and should have been handled by mail. The agents could have verified the registration with the state independently. I will write my representatives also. This is clearly meant as an intimidation tactic and the motivation behind this needs to be investigated.

  5. Citizenswatch says:

    You are a GOP pac and everyone knows the non proffit status is not 501 but 526. You cant keep hiding behind the 501 Tina the gig is up.

  6. Tina Renna says:

    The only gig that is up is the fact that the county prosecutor is controlled by the Union County Democratic machine. Musicfest proved that and now this incident.

    Where are your facts and proof besides baseless accusations and intimidation tactics? Anonymous no less. Coward, that’s not name calling – just stating a fact. Your comments are welcome here, post your facts.

    The UCWA has nothing to hide, as your own law enforcement arm has proven.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Everybody knows we are winners, including you, and we’re not going anywhere.

  7. NFS says:

    A few years back, an elected councilman from Linden who strayed off the democrat planation, held a party in Warinaco Park. At the party he raffled off prizes, to kids, for free. Someone from the State A.G.’s office showed up at the park to investigate. No kidding.

    Keep up the good work. I’m putting a check in the mail to you TODAY.

  8. Citizenswatch says:

    Tina, This is not about Musicfest or Union County its about you and the watchdogs tax exempt status which many have question about to your activities.

    A 501(c)(3) cannot be political in nature or attempt to influence legislation or promote political candidates as a significant part of its activities.

    Tina this is what you do daily it’s all political you are not a soccer group but try to overthrow Democratic elected officals. Many beleive you are 527 PAC, A 527 group is created primarily to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office.

    Tina you fit the 527 criteria more than 501 and that is the big question and it matters to you because if it changes so does your status in the public.

  9. Tina Renna says:

    We shine a light on Union County government and that has been machine democrat ruled for 15 years now. There’s no one else to shine a light on here.

    We do not involve ourselves in political campaigns. Seriously, that is just plain insulting. You’d be getting your asses kicked if I did. You hacks are so un-American, you can’t contemplate what a patriot is and can’t imagine doing something just because it’s the right thing to do. There has to something in it for you. Some angle, some score.

    You can’t even sign you name to your posts. I’m so proud of what I do and who I am and of all the people who contribute to the UCWA.

    You still haven’t posted any proof to your accusations.

  10. Citizenswatch says:

    Tina there you go getting nasty I pointed out you hide behind your groups status for legal reasons and you deleted it.It’s all about tax exemption status without it you couldn’t really do anything. I have been around a few years commenting on politics in UC not a hack.

    I have been a registered Republican for over 30 years, but I call a spade a spade when I see it. I only seek the truth and let the voters decide to make change of public officals.
    I cannot stand the doctrine that I hear from Bruce and You that only you are right and all that oppose you are wrong.

  11. Tina Renna says:

    Nothing was deleted here. I have nothing to hide, including your comments.

    You are the one sprouting politics and defending a political party.

    I strive to back up my comments and writing with PROOF.

    POST YOUR PROOF. Your opinion and your party affiliation prove nothing.

    You don’t like our doctrine as you call it, but you don’t mind taking advantage of the audience we give you through this blog. You are free to disagree with us, we are allowing you to. You don’t have to read it or listen to us.

    Post your proof.

  12. Citizenswatch says:

    Tina I don’t have the legal team or the tax exempt status like you so for legal reason I don’t use my real name. I have been very activie over the last few years and have angered many of local politicians and their supporters. One day I will make the step and you will be the first to know.

  13. Mark Boehme says:

    Citizenswatch, you are quite simply wrong when you say that the UCWA goal is to “try to overthrow Democratic elected officals”. That may be your opinion, but that does not make it a fact. The UCWA exposes corruption, nepotism and croyism in Union County government, regardless of party affiliation. I read the website regularly and have never seen an endorsement of a candidate from any political party.

    The fact that most of the named officials are Democrats is not the fault of the UCWA, these same officials could just as well be Republicans. Sorry, but it is a fact that each one of the freeholders is affliated with the UC Dem party. No one can undo that fact. They have a right to run under whatever party they like.

    This is a case whereby the UCWA is trying to be intimidated because of their very successful record in exposing wrongdoing by county officials. Only last year a senior county official was exposed as using taxpayer resources to run a “charity” event, but large amounts of funds raised in the name of charity (mainly cash) were unaccounted for and remain so.

    Furthermore, I would argue that the UCWA is one of the few organizations where county employees can go to expose wrongdoing without the fear of retaliation.

    We do not live in Russia. This is a free country. Intimidation of citizens by government officials is despicable and totally unacceptable. Organizations that expose government corruption provide a critical function in a free society.

  14. Javagold says:

    there is no difference between D or R and that is where Citizenswatch loses the argument….and tina you should leave the republicans , they are just as bad (and if it wasnt for demorcrats/public unions, even worse)

  15. Tina Renna says:


    Should I leave America? I never ask the freeholders to leave their democratic party. It doesn’t matter who is sitting up there if they are going to put their self interests and not put the public first. They took an oath of office, they put their hand on a Bible. It is evil to renounce that oath for personal gain.

    I know and respect many people who are trying to make a difference in their government, they come from all political parties – mostly undercover Libertarians actually : ) – Seriously there are many good democrats in Union County, they work within their party – they try and make a difference and they’ve been very helpful to our efforts. Republicans too, not everyone is lockstep with their party but they have to try and work within it.

    If I’ve supported anyone on this blog, if you’d call compliments support, it’s been Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) I respect and admire her. I don’t recall extending that to any other elected official or politician.

    I am a registered Republican and an elected committee person in Cranford. I was inspired by the Tea Party movement; you have to be involved in your government. You can’t renounce it or run from it that only makes it easier for the bad guys. That’s not to say my involvement with the UCWA is political. If you look at our board, it has mostly democrats, independents and a Libertarian. One of our founding members was the chairman of the Green Party.

    We have support from all corners on the county including people within the democrat machine. That is why the machine fears us. We have been shining a light on their darkness like no one else can or would dare to on their own. We give voice to the voiceless, those that fear their government.

    Democracy is a messy business and it’s our individual responsibility to preserve it. It’s hard work. We get machine politics when everyone gives up.

    The UCWA is shining a light on Union County government; although county government is controlled by Union County machine democrats, we are not supporting politics or practicing them – just trying to participate in our government which is run by politics. This is what’s been proven with facts time and again on this blog.

    The UCWA isn’t political – our government is.

  16. Citizenswatch says:

    Tina this the first time you allowed me to post here and it seem your everyday posters are the only who ever make comments. I support the right of the people to choose there leadership right or wrong thats how it works in America. If there is corruption you must prove it? I am all for corrption busting. If no State elected offical who reside in UC wants to ask for investigation tell me why is this.

    You tooting your own horn to much. Tina here is a question I have asked Bruce and your supporters on UC Forum many times. Where are the indictments?

  17. NFS says:

    Don’t sweat it Tina. CW has no clue and is certainly not a republican. Anyone with a brain can understand you are NOT running away from being scrutinized. You are questioning the methods.

    Did they not pay a visit to the Union County Alliance?

    Fuck them. It’s tiresome. (my words, not your’s)

    Bring it on.

  18. Brian P Keane says:

    Citizenwatch sounds like a ex uc gadfly who lives 700 miles south.

  19. Citizenswatch says:

    NFS, What does being a Republican have to do with anything? How am I less of republican because I don’t back Tina and the watchdogs? I thought it was about fighting corruption not about party affiliation? That’s were the problem lies you guys claim to be neutral but everyone knows better.

    I back the following if you have proof of corruption why no State investigations? Where is kean and Munoz why arent they asking the State to step in and look at your accusations about UC?

  20. Citizenswatch says:

    Brian, Sorry I live here in Union County and no family members are employed for the County nor do I work for the County.

  21. D. Hill Rose says:


    Answer this: Swear that your comments are truly of your own thinking (and not because of a position you hold or someone who put you up to it). Just reading what you say makes me highly skeptical that you’re above board. And your not giving your name is the nail in the coffin. I can only totally dismiss what you have to say.

    Look, from the few YouTubes I’ve seen of Tina she certainly CAN be abrasive and prickly. It would probably enven do her good to tamp it down. But it’s that emotion that drives her.

    Bit so what if she can be abrasive? I honestly think her core want is shed light on how Union County government works. Thank god! From what I see there’s a lot of entrenched politics that is effectively stealing from citizens.

    The bias in what your write is too obvious. I mean your responding to Tina asking her to show “proof of corruption” for her questioning why two agents were sent to her home is circular BS reasoning and NOT parallel to Tina’s request for proof.