Generatorgate – The cover-up is worse than the crime

By Tina Renna | December 4, 2012

I’ve been told that the Union County Prosecutor’s office is opening up their interviews into Generatorgate with a statement “There is nothing criminal here, we are only looking into this because Tina Renna put it on her blog.”

Well if there is nothing criminal, why would the Prosecutor be wasting resources investigating?

To cover it up I suspect. To package it neatly for the freeholders to excuse away. The cover up is worse than the crime. And I’m going to keep pressing the ball on this as it shows a rampant disregard for public property and an inherent abuse of the public trust. There is no law and order when the county prosecutor is a political hack charged with protecting the machine and its underlings.

Although it is against their official policies, Union County employees are allowed to “borrow” tools, I’ve been told. With no check out and check in system in place. There is no county database of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of generators, chainsaws and whatnot. Generatorgate is an opportunity to shine a light on the larger problem of rampant employee theft and mismanagement.

I believe I know most if not all of the names of employees who are alleged to have taken home generators, including the county police who are charged with investigating chain saws that were taken about a year ago. That investigation involving a freeholder’s son is being allowed to drag on. It isn’t just three employees involved in generatorgate, with permission from their boss, as the county would like us to believe.

I am hoping the F.B.I. will investigate the misuse of federal funds in regards to the generators. But, I am confident that the State Attorney General’s Office will have to weigh in on these local thefts because Union County isn’t the only one affected and I’m not the only one making noise about it.

It’s been reported that the Passaic County Prosecutor is aggressively going after the North Haledon Mayor and the police chief for taking home generators and the North Haledon council has recently hired a law firm to guide their inquiry into whether anything was illegal about it.

The Star-Ledger’s coverage on Union County generatorgate has been predictable, including a dressed up county press release with a canned quote from Freeholder Mirabella feigning outrage. I won’t waste your time by reposting it. This is the quote that’s important:

Governor Chris Christie in response to a schools Superintendent taking home a generator:

“It sounds to me as if somebody is going to be looking for a new job and should be,” Christie said. “You cannot do that kind of stuff, it’s not allowed. If the facts are what you say they are, Westwood is probably in the market for a new superintendent, would be my guess.”

6 Responses to “Generatorgate – The cover-up is worse than the crime”

  1. Mark Boehme says:

    If the prosecutors office engages in a cover up, then we need to publicly name and shame the people involved. Given the circumstances, I think county taxpayers will demand action. The actions of these officials combined with the widely known misuse of take home vehicles, EZ Pass transponders for personal use and other misdeeds, will eventually lead people to know that the county needs outside supervision, state or federal, to operate.

  2. G. Albritton says:

    If in conducting the interviews of County employees in the process of the Generatorgate investigation, the Prosecutor and/or his minions are not warning the interviewees that they might incriminate themselves or providing them with what are known as Garrity warnings, then the investigation is a complete sham, and the Prosecutor is wasting County time and money doing something other than what he is empowered to do under state law — and that is diligently pursuing ONLY true offenders of the laws. If he sees no law that might have been violated, and no County employee could incriminate himself/herself in speaking to him or be disciplined as a result, then the Prosecutor has no legal standing and no discretion to insert himself in this investigation. And the County Counsel should be resisting this ultra vires intrusion, not blessing it.

    Taking the County generators for personal use may have been much more than just a minor crime or a violation of County rules. I would like to know the extent to which any nursing homes or hospices in Union County remained dark and powerless in the days and nights after the storm (I believe I have heard of at least one), while certain County officials commandeered those County generators to power their own homes. Shame on all of us if Union County is run by people like these.

  3. Javagold says:

    the problem these clowns have, is the other counties are taking this theft seriously and they will be exposed , if they are not in line with the other decisions

  4. NFS says:

    What about the Encap cover-up? The governor lost all interest in that?

    Unfortunatly, Christie is too busy licking Springsteen’s ass, like a juvenile, as well as the O’s ass like leftard, and MSLD and whoever else he can suck up to, not unlike Donnie DiFranceisco, so we won’t get answers.

    I hope the rest of the country can see what a leftard RINO we have for a governor.

    2016 is over for CC.


    A most powerful group without ANY incident of violence or racism. Unlike what the MSM would have anyone believe. P.S. Most incidents of violence comes from democrats.

  5. NFS says:

    Romankow is nothing but a suckup, ordinary lawyer politician, paying homeage by licking, striving to make it to Prosecutor, which he did. Nothing special about him. I know. I heard him on the phone when I was young, before I knew how it worked, and he MADE ME SICK.

  6. Jeff Arnold says:

    Who is investigating the Prosecutor’s office? Where are our STATE officials?