Catching Up

By John Bury | January 10, 2013

1) Freeholders’ most boneheaded move has a clear winner.  Go here and click an answer and vote to view the results.  If you have previously voted this second vote won’t be tallied but you will see the results.  Among the ‘other’ answers:

all of the above 2
ALL of the above. EVERYTHING they do proves to be boneheaded sooner or 1
Generatorgate 1
letting george leave, with the parking and beer money! 1
just about anything they do 1
Allowing John Bury to speak 1
Hiding mold & environmental problems in various buildings, esp. admin. 1
Hiring “Arrow Catchers” at the Oak Ridge Archery Range. 1

2) 2012 year in review:


3) 2011 county audit is finally out and it’s the same questioned costs plus a new one this year.  Apparently the county is not tracking grant money (from page 63):

#11-06 Funding Source Tracking

The County has certain programs that are funded through a combination of Federal and State sources.  The accounting records maintained do not readily identify the specific source and application of funds for these jointly funded programs.

We recommend that the accounting records identify the specific source and application of funds for all jointly funded programs.

4) OPRA under attack. Under the guise of updating the law a proposed revision would effectively kill OPRA. Read about it here and look for a video discussion of the proposals with Walter Luers and, hopefully, Senator Loretta Weinberg coming soon as we utilize our new state-of-our-art studio.

5) Following up on (4) above we now have the studio facilities to create videos on relevant topics that can be distributed either over the internet or through your local TV channels.  Contact us for details if you have an idea for a program you would like to see or participate in.

One Response to “Catching Up”

  1. Brian P Keane says:

    Worrals Localsource thursdays January 10th edition ran a story about the abuse of the county offials all getting 12% pay raises including county manager salaries increases..