UCCF – 1-24-13

By John Bury | January 24, 2013

Raw footage from tonight’s Union County freeholder meeting. We didn’t make it to the Rustic Mill so feel free to add your comments (even you Guzzo who can’t prove that Ryan White aids money isn’t being spent for pizza):
Union County Employee Handbook:


$75 Question:

Accounting Fraud:

Grants – Aids money for pizza:



6 Responses to “UCCF – 1-24-13”

  1. Tina Renna says:

    These are the questions I asked that didn’t get answered:

    Taxpayers stuff:
    What inventory / audit exists of county owned equipment like generators, snow blowers, etc.

    How is this equipment tracked / accounted for

    Employee Training:
    Is the employee handbook available on-line and what were the costs incurred with the publication and the mandatory 3-hour training being provided by outside council. Will this mandatory training be recorded for easy access on the county website.

    Ongoing costs with owning a banquet facility:
    Reso 2013-65 appropriated $67,165.30 for outdoor furniture for the Galloping Hill Clubhouse, I asked what the project has cost to date and what the projected costs don’t include – like this furniture – will they be appropriating funds every week – ie., chandeliers one week, dinner plates and silverware the next, landscaping, etc.

  2. Brian P Keane says:

    Tina: Employee training is the 90 day probationary period, that’s all.

  3. Tina Renna says:

    The question I didn’t get to ask:

    New freeholder seating assignments:
    Why are they shuffled around every year
    Who decides who sits where and next to who

  4. bpaterson says:

    Tina, to your question, not 100% sure but in local mayor and councils, the council president normally makes the seating arrangements. So maybe it is the equivalent and the chair or vice chair made the arrangements.

    One result: The stink emanating from the dais is pretty strong, so they “considered the source” and moved sullivan to the far end.

  5. Tina Renna says:

    Honestly, I don’t even look at them. I can’t recall if Estrada was even present last night. I did take notice that they put the new freeholder next to sullivan. Is he supposed to be his mentor? Who’s bright idea was that! If so, we are in for a treat.

  6. Brian P Keane says:

    I todays Sundays Star Ledger there is a news story about Bloggers Tina Renna. Its not in the electrontic website, but
    the story is on the bottom of the Union County edition January 27 2013 Reporter Tom Heydon.
    ps, Back in the day when newspapers used to report editorials before the liberal rags took over and stopped
    you could write anything and have it printed. This was misinformation this was something the county government wasn’t reporting to the people of the county.