105K Club in Union County

By John Bury | February 3, 2013

Thanks to raises doled out to mostly highly-compensated employees we now have 142 county public servants making over $105,000 in base salary.  Some interesting spreadsheets:

Those 105k club members sorted by salary and comparing their 2013 to 2012 salaries

Those 105k club members who got raises sorted by the percentage increase

Corrections employees got the biggest raises though department head Brian Riordan only got his 2% and he’s not the highest paid overall there.

Only 3 club members got the 2% raises in the Sheriff’s dept: Joseph Cryan, Grald Green, and Vincent Detrolio

All four club members in the Finance Department got the 2% raises

Selected prosecutors got nominal raises but most didn’t get any raises

Some of the other notables getting raises:
Richmond Lapolla from $121,858 to $124,295
Niel Palmieri from $109,612 to $111,805
Sebastian D’Elia from $111,420 to $113,649

15 Responses to “105K Club in Union County”

  1. Brian P Keane says:

    Call the FBI oan all of them and get rid of the UC Freeholders once and for all…

  2. anonymus says:

    Hey Dogs, the men and women at the jail deserve every penny they make. Do you really think that they just hand out paychecks to these people? Walk a mile in their shoes,just for a day, or maybe a week. until then you will never comprehend and will just remain ignorant

  3. Jeff Arnold says:

    Anonymous, just because someone deserves it, does not mean we can afford it.

  4. bpaterson says:

    i looked at your personnel list of the prosecutors department and it was missing that prosecutor guy vanderstreet that is hanlding the case against the UCWA. Also I thought i read in an artecle another prosecuitor who is involved, it was a woman with an asian name and she is not on your list although i have no idea where is saw that name.

    Plus you have the CO’s getting over 6% raises, back in a FH mtg years ago, it was asked of devanney what the CO contract increases were over the 5 year contract-he said the UC had negotiated with them 2 years up front of 0% raises and then in the back end i remember there were 2 years of 5% raises. I didnt hear 6% which would have raised concerns. it would be interesting to see the contract now that this question came up.

  5. Jeff Arnold says:

    Heartwarming to see that Cryan a got a nice raise. Does anyone know what he does for a living?

  6. Javagold says:

    PROPERTY TAX REVOLT !!! and stop sending the criminals your money

    Until everyone starts doing that, i cant feel sorry for any of you

    Whatever you have been doing the past 5+ years is NOT working….time to think and start doing OUTSIDE THE BOX

    AND QUICKLY !!!!!

  7. Jeff Arnold says:

    Javagold- What you say makes NO sense. Most of us have mortgages,our outragesioully high county taxes MUST me paid, or we could lose our homes. Do you have ANY idea how our tax system actually works?

  8. NFS says:

    Tina, you made the front page of the NJ Law Journal. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  9. NFS says:

    Tax liens are a priority. No way around taxes so while Javagold has good intentions. We are screwed because we cannot just not pay our property taxes although I wish each city, township, town, borough, etc. in Union County would refuse to send the tax payments the County. STARVE THE BEAST.

  10. Brian says:

    Can anyone explain, what grant means?
    Is in the list of employes some said county . And others said grant??????

  11. John Bury says:

    If the employee is listed under county their salary is in the budget. If it’s listed as grant it’s supposed to be a job paid for by grant money either from the state or the federal government. The problem is that the county doesn’t keep time sheets so this allocation is one of convenience.

    There’s also MV for salaries paid out of Motor Vehicle fines and Open Space for those paid out of the Open Space trust fund.

  12. Brian P Keane says:

    Last week I found out that North and Central Jersey PERS PubLlic Sector received more in pay raises than South Jersey. Some of the Mercer Middlesex Morris Union Essex and Hudson county employees made 15%-20% pay increases while South Jersey under the mason dixon line made 7%-9% pay increases. The IFPTE ALF-CIO made the most of all Union Bargainning government labor unions.

  13. Tina Renna says:

    I beleive the Corrections Officers raises were retroactive, given in a recent new contract – three years, that’s why the percentage appears higher.

  14. bpaterson says:

    NFS and Jeff-holding taxes on the personal level will indeed get you liens and sheriffs sales. One a more valid suggestion but still improper would to have your township hold the county portion of the taxes back since they are the ones who collect it and forward it onto the county. I call this “sedition of one govt towards another”. They towns, maybe 6 to 7 of them should form a coalition and put pressure on the county using that as the stick. The county would cry foul and there would be legal costs for sure, but this action would bring the lunion county waste, abuse and possible corruption to national headlines, since this is surely a precedent. You should push your local council to consider this and reach out to the other towns. 13-14 towns out of 21 vote against the incumbants and the their system in place. Isnt that telling us something? The council should side with their constituents and become activists. The people have to be the catalyst.

  15. NFS says:

    I will reach out to my Council and Mayor. They follow the Machine so it won’t work in Linden. One council member is dumber than the next and our Mayor ain’t too swift either.