Union County’s New Top Democrat

By County Watchers | June 13, 2013

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Union County Democratic Committee


Veteran Assemblyman succeeds Charlotte DeFilippo as
Chairman of UCDC. Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr elected Vice-Chairman.

UNION COUNTY, NJ— Veteran Assemblyman Jerry Green (D-22 and Speaker Pro Temp) was elected last night as the new Union County Democratic Committee Chairman during the Committee’s reorganization meeting at L’Affaire in Mountainside. Longtime Democratic Mayor of Fanwood, Colleen Mahr, was elected to serve as his Vice-Chairman.

Green, a resident of Plainfield, succeeds 18-year incumbent Charlotte DeFilippo to lead the Union Democratic Committee.

“I am truly honored to have the confidence of our committee as I take over as Chairman…today, we are handed a political party very much on the rise,” Green said.
Green thanked and acknowledged his predecessor, Charlotte DeFilippo for her outstanding service as Chairman of the party.

“Make no mistake – it is because of the tireless efforts of all of you combined with eighteen years of strong and steady leadership by our former county chairman Charlotte DeFilippo,” Green said. “There is no Democratic county chairman in this State with the record she has achieved for us in Union County: undefeated.”
“Chairman Green and I are energized and ready to lead this organization to victory,” exclaimed Mahr. “No amount of Republican rhetoric out of Trenton can mask the fact that their policies hurt women, families, and the middle class. It is our responsibility as a party to fight for those currently under assault, and while doing so bring forth a new generation of Democratic leadership.”

Green noted the Union County Democratic Committee has once again been re-energized by an overwhelming series of primary victories—by huge pluralities– in contested races throughout the County.

Green pointed to huge victories by Senators Raymond Lesniak (D-21) and Nick Scutari (D-22), Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich, Freeholders Linda Carter, Bette Jane Kowalski, Freeholder candidate Sergio Granados, and the Mayoral candidate in Plainfield, Adrian Mapp.

“Last Tuesday, we all scored a victory so profound the extent of which perhaps only a few of us here in this room realized,” Green stated, adding the Committee is now marshaling its forces for the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial elections coming up.

“From a Democratic Primary for US Senate in August through the General Election in November, we will be ready to help Democrats win in Union County,” Green said. “We have a Governor who fills our ears with catchy rhetoric, but fails in providing the basic care so many people need. I look forward to working hard for Barbara Buono here in Union County.”

Green went on to outline his plans as Democratic Chairman, noting he would seek for greater involvement with towns struggling to make Democratic inroads, while bolstering party strongholds.

“I ask you to work with me. Meet with me if you have an idea or a suggestion, Green stated. “Let’s carry on the mission we’ve started together, and bring winning elections home for Barbara Buono and our entire Democratic Team this fall. It’s time to get to work.”

For biographical information on Chairman Green, please visit his Assembly page at:

3 Responses to “Union County’s New Top Democrat”

  1. Jeff Arnold says:

    Hopefully Lesniak will be elected State Dem Chairmman today. That way he can bring Union County’s corruption to the entire state!

  2. bpaterson says:

    I wish assm green well in his future endeavor of democrat political chair of union county. Although he has his baggage (don’t they all), and he will have a lot on his plate being assemblyman, cnty head and local plainfield head (which he will probably relinquish) he will bring a different, hopefully fresh perspective to the political landscape of union county. He was many times at odds with defilippo, who just stepped down, and was on the outs to a point.

    Of course what that perspective will be will only develop over time.

    I could do a commentary of his past which right now is not the time. It is a time for a better rebirth after the dark corrupted system that had prevailed in the past. It will be impossible to duplicate what was presently in place, as I know no one as evil, self serving and manipulative compared to who sat in the (dining room) chair. (actually I can name one but we wont go there).

    I wish Gerry luck and look forward to the watchdogs and myself keeping an eye on the new face.

    And to Chairman Green I would like to make one suggestion right now: don’t listen to Jonathan Williams of Decotiis Fitzpatrick law firm. His ill-conceived boondoggles, failures and lies will only embarrass you and union county govt further. Change legal firms.

  3. Tina Renna says:

    Bruce why you would expect better government to come out of this is beyond my comprehension. It will be business as usual, the only thing that will change are the insiders and they way they are treated. The taxpayers will still be screwed.

    Lesniak was not elected state chair, even though he proclaimed he would be during the Union County reorganization meeting. Oh well. Lesniak favored Bollwage over Green, however Bollwage does not have the county-wide name recognition, nor even the needed votes from his hometown of Elizabeth. It was noted that he did not attend the convention, even though it was one of the largest turn outs in recent memory.

    “It was as if people wanted to make sure she was dead” I was told by someone who attended.

    I wasn’t at the event (imagine!) but from the accounts I’ve been told, they paint an optimistic picture. Democrats are happy Charlotte is gone, and many in attendance barely clapped for her. They remained polite but cold. She is leaving hated. I was told when she left “Arthur Kobitz walked behind her wheel chair carrying the flowers they gave Charlotte, nobody looked at her on the way out the door”.

    Insiders hated her because she was a vindictive, evil, bitch. Anyone with a brain would realize it was bad for business. Now her people can expect their competence from a new regime, however more hands off Green is expected to be. There is much bad blood left behind and Charlotte & Ray’s people should be very worried.

    Damn, I would have loved a photo of Arthur Kobitz the Flower Boy.